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About Magic Lake Estates

The Pender Islands' "neighbourhood," had its notorious beginnings in the 1960's, when "Gulf Island Estates" planned a high-density vacation home development on the west shore of North Pender Island.  Eventually, about 600 acres of mostly half-acre properties spread out along the waterfront and into the forested hillsides beyond.  The subdivision, the largest in Canada at the time, helped inspire creation of the Islands Trust regulatory agency whose mission was to promote more responsible and sustainable development in the Gulf Islands.
In actuality, the "Estates" have become a desirable place to live and offer many amenities to its residents.  There are two oceanfront parks at Thieves Bay and Shingle Bay, several ocean access points, and two lakes.  Magic Lake is open to the public for swimming and rowing, whereas Buck Lake is the main public water supply and is off limits to all except those who reside along its shores.  The world-class Golf Island disc golf park is located in the midst of the subdivision, off of Galleon Way.  Several trails lead to the disc park and connect to Prior Centennial Campground.  A myriad of short hiking trails traverse the Magic Lake area, creating convenient shortcuts and pleasant walks for local residents.  The south trailhead to the Roe Lake portion of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve begins from the northwest edge of Magic Lake Estates at the end of Galleon Way. Best of all, much of the shoreline of the Magic Lake Estates area is frequented by pods of orcas during the summer months.
(From: The Pender Islands Handbook C2006)

Magic Lake Estates Property Owners Society

The MLPOS is a homeowners association that encompasses the Magic Lake Estates community.  Membership is optional but strongly encouraged, and the dues are $20 per year per family.  Membership is required for those who wish to  obtain an annual pass to the tennis courts or to get a slip at Thieves Bay Marina.

Tennis Court Use Details
Annual tennis court fees are $22 + GST for one person or $37 + GST for a family. Family memberships are for immediate family only. If you bring a guest, the non-member fee of $3 per day applies. This money can be deposited in the honour box within the tennis courts. 
The weekly rate for non-members is $10 per person.  The key to the gate can be obtained from Mike Wiley, 250.629.3911. A refundable $10 key deposit is required.

The MLPOS application form can be downloaded from the following link:

Instructions:  Click above to download form (you will need an up to date free
Adobe Acrobat Reader);  Print form; Fill out the form; add 5% GST to your total fees owing and
  Drop in the MLPOS folder at the Pender Realty office at the Driftwood, or mail to: P.O Box 65, Pender Island, BC V0N 2M0, Canada.

For membership information contact Joanna Rogers
Phone: 250.629.3550  E-mail: jochrisrogers@gmail.com

2016/2017 Board of Directors

Peter Morton (President)
Jeremy Harwood  (Vice President)
Kathy Gilbert  (Secretary)
Jean Deschenes  (Treasurer)
Wally Foster (Marina General Manager)
Ian Syme  (Marina Operations Manager)
Art Curtis  (Marina Maintenance Manager)
Glenn Henderson (Marina Projects Manager)
Mike Wiley (Director Recreation Tennis)
David Reed (Director at Large)

MLPOS Office Manager
Joanna Rogers 

MLPOS Constitution and Bylaws